Plugged In: my favorite podcasts

In one of my recent blogs, I talked about how I spent a month only listening to podcasts and worship music. When I first decided to do this, however, I was a little lost. Before, I had only used my podcast app to stay current on the news and politics (and ok, maybe I binged Serial too). I had no idea how many christian podcasts were out there, waiting to be discovered and make a positive impact on my life. So I did a google search, downloaded one episode that sounded interesting from each podcast I saw recommended by other Christian girls my age, and began the processing of filtering through them, finding which ones that appealed to me and covered topics I felt applied best to my life, that could teach me the most.


The following podcasts are the top 8 (in no particular order) I found–they’re the podcasts I eagerly await new episodes of each week.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


The Porch Channel is a podcast produced by Watermark Community Church in Dallas, and covers many topics that are relevant to today’s ever-changing world. I love it because it seems to be geared primarily toward millennials, though everyone can listen. They’re currently doing a series called “Bad Advice,” which covers bad advice Christians–and really everyone– is given by today’s culture.



Annie F. Downs is the lovely author of several books, including Looking for Lovely (which I highly recommend). Imagine my delight when I realized one of my favorite authors had a podcast! That Sounds Fun covers Annie’s favorite things in life: new books, faith conversations, restaurants, travel stories, musicians not to miss, interviews with friends. If it brings Annie joy, she’s going to tell you about it, in the hope it will bring you joy too!


The Radiant Podcast is hosted by Kelsey Chapman, founder of Radiant Magazine. Each week has a new guest that they’ve chosen, and Kelsey and the guest hunker down and cover topics such as faith in hard times, starting your own business, and discerning God’s plan for your life. Whatever the topic or whoever the guest, you can be sure you’ll walk away from each episode with a new outlook on some part of your life!


The Dear Daughters podcast is hosted by Susie Davis, mother of 3 and–through this podcast–mentor to many. Susie is an incredibly strong woman of faith (she helped co-found a church in Austin with her husband), and she shares that strength and faith with her “daughters in Christ” through her weekly podcast, where she interviews other women of faith. You’ll always leave an episode of this podcast feeling encouraged in your faith! “This is the place for you to hear about the kinds of things that are practical and helpful in living a godly life.”


Journeywomen is hosted and produced by the wonderful Hunter Beless. In her eyes, “life’s a journey we were never meant to walk alone. We all need friends along the way! On the Journeywomen podcast we’ll chat with Christian leaders about gracefully navigating the seasons and challenges we face on our journeys to glorify God.” Hunter never shies away from the hard topics and painful discussions. I’ve cried buckets of tears during her podcasts, but I’ve become a stronger woman because of it. Thank you, Hunter, for helping me face and answer some of life’s most difficult questions through a biblical lens.


It is no secret that there are many controversial topics floating around these days, and it can be hard to come at them from a Christian perspective. Through their Uniquely Woman Podcast, Lisa Hensley and Phylicia Masonheimer tackle issues such as problems with modern conservatism, birth control, boundaries in dating, responding to a culture that demeans women, and Beyonce, culture, and feminism. They address each topic from a biblical standpoint, and this podcast has become an invaluable resource for me when it comes to answering non-christian friends’ questions on controversial issues in today’s culture.


I may be a bit biased on this one, but I have to include it anyways. The Austin Christian Fellowship podcast is produced by my home church, a place where my faith has grown immensely the past year, thanks to the messages within this podcast (though I got to hear them in person). Lead pastor Will Davis Jr. and ACF Fourpoints pastor Darril Holden Jr. are both incredibly gifted at sharing God’s word. I once told my mom I didn’t like when Darril preached because I always ended up in tears, leaving feeling extremely convicted (which is a painful but good thing). In fact, sometimes Will’s wife, Susie (yes, that Susie, from the Dear Daughter’s podcast!), will co-preach with him in the weekly sermon!


Last but most certainly not least is the Breakaway podcast, produced by Breakaway Ministries of Texas A&M. These are the weekly sermons recorded on A&M’s campus each week, with an added discussion at the end where the pastor sits down and further unpacks the message. The sermons date back to 2009, when Ben Stuart (my favorite pastor ever) was the pastor at Breakaway. Ben left last spring in order to pursue an incredibly opportunity with Passion City Church, and is dearly missed, but Pastor Timothy Ateek (who was actually the high school pastor at my old church…small world!) has done a wonderful job of filling Ben’s shoes. Each and every one of these episodes is a gold mine of information and guidance.




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